Offer an exceptional 24-hour self-serve grocery experience

Today’s residents expect more from where they live. They demand convenience that caters to their busy lifestyles.

Set your properties apart. High-tech self-service markets provide a modern, frictionless experience for picking up groceries and last-minute items.

Thrill them where they live

Aisle 24 enables you to turn commercial storefronts or spaces inside residential properties into 24-hour grocery markets. By integrating the latest technology with tailored product selection, Aisle 24 quickly becomes a vital self-service amenity for your properties.

Two store formats customized to your retail space

Community Markets

Designed for standard commercial real estate, Aisle 24 community grocery markets have grabbed the attention of some of the largest real estate developers in North America.

Part of your community:

  • 1000+ square footage
  • Outdoor street-level access
  • Bright, modern and efficient design
  • Integrated with mobile app user experience
  • Dual interlocking door system
  • Enhanced security systems

Resident Markets

Created to monetize underutilized space inside residential buildings, Aisle 24 can build a fully functional and secure market in as little as 300 square feet.

Essentials an elevator ride away:

  • 300–999 square footage
  • Indoor resident access only
  • Efficient, clean shopping experience
  • Integrated with mobile app user experience
  • Products tailored to resident demand
  • Enhanced security systems

Deliver upscale convenience

Aisle 24 reflects the modern, refined lifestyle that appeals to urban, connected professionals. Our staff and franchise owners dedicate themselves to providing an efficient, clean, well-stocked and secure shopping experience for residents.

How we support your Aisle 24 location:

  • Re-stocking and cleaning a minimum of three times a week
  • Weekly inventory reconciliation
  • Frequent sales analysis to adjust product mix
  • Real-time Point-of-Sale and camera analytics
  • Regular resident surveys

High-value amenity

Offer residents quick-and-easy access to a wide range of fresh and prepared, food, beverages, confectionery, and personal health products.

Infused with tech

From a mobile app to cloud-based account management backend and simple cash-less checkout, Aisle 24 markets harness technology to automate the shopping experience.

Always open

Residents complete checkout via the secure and monitored self-serve Aisle 24 kiosk, allowing them to pick up what they need when they need it, without on-site staff.

How Aisle 24 works

Download. Residents get the Aisle 24 mobile app, register an account, and gain access right away. The mobile app also delivers special promotions and customer surveys

Shop. Customers use the Aisle 24 app to unlock the door and start browsing. Every Aisle 24 includes enhanced security systems to discourage theft and reconciles inventory each week to closely track shrinkage.

Scan. Residents use the self-service kiosk to scan the products they want to purchase. Products are neatly displayed on open shelves and grocery freezers.

Request. Suggestions are welcome! If shoppers can’t find something, they can make requests via the kiosk for specific dietary requirements or preferences.

Pay. The only thing shoppers need is their smartphone, payment card, and a bag to carry their groceries.

Restock. We service your Aisle 24 at least three times a week to clean, replenish shelves and check inventory.

Groceries made easy

Every community is a little different, so our product team works with you to
custom-tailor what items will be for sale at your Aisle 24.


Bread Loaves
Cake Mix


Sliced Cheese
Ice Cream



Personal care

Oral Care


Sliced Meats

Frozen foods

Microwave Meals


Soft Drinks
Fresh Juices
Sparkling Water
Protein Shakes


Phone & Electronic
Household Cleaners
Laundry Detergent

Part of your community

Your Aisle 24 will become an important amenity for current and future residents, and we understand that it needs to offer a positive reflection of your property.

At Aisle 24, our staff and franchise owners dedicate themselves to providing an efficient, clean, well stocked and secure shopping experience for your residents.

How we support your store:

  • Re-stocking and cleaning three times a week
  • Weekly inventory reconciliation
  • Frequent sales analysis to adjust product mix
  • Video monitoring for security
  • Regular resident surveys

Let’s get started

Depending on site design requirements and your approval processes, your Aisle 24 could open in as little as 6 weeks.

Our straightforward 6-stage process:

  1. Site assessment
    We’ll come out to your property to look at the footprint and physical space.
  2. Financial agreement
    We enter into a straightforward lease according to your property by-laws.
  3. Aisle 24 design, review, and approval
    Our designers will create a detailed digital design and layout to help you visualize how the store will function as part of your community.
  4. Store construction
    With standardized millwork and layouts, we can prepare the materials quickly
  5. Initial product selection
    WBased on your resident demographics and lifestyle, we can launch with certain food segments.
  6. Your Aisle 24 grand opening!
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