Offer residents last-minute essentials

Help your busy residents save time. Aisle 24 Express is our fully automated, temperature-controlled grocery vending system that dispenses almost anything you find in a standard convenience store — even milk, bread, eggs, and ready-to-eat meals.

Created to complement our full-service Aisle 24 stores in larger complexes, Aisle 24 Express are also an alternative for properties that can’t accommodate our minimum 300-square-foot Aisle 24 market designs.

Tailored selection

Offer residents quick access to a mix of high-quality essential grocery items customized to your community’s demographics.

Simplified payment

Residents complete their purchase through an Aisle 24 prepaid account, debit or credit cards, or cash

Fit into any corner

20-square-foot unit is ideal for space-constrained condos, student residences, campuses, apartment buildings and other residential communities.

Automated Grocery

How Aisle 24 Express vending systems work:

Residents use the touchscreen to browse available products and order what they need. Products are neatly displayed on large, rotating shelves.

Residents pay on the tap pad. Aisle 24 prepaid account, debit/credit card or cash accepted ($5, $10 and $20).

Gentle delivery. Our innovative elevator system brings down even the most fragile products like eggs safely and reliably to the pickup slot.

Remote monitoring. Connected via cellular data signal, we keep a close eye on inventory, expiry dates, and other operational information, and typically visit to restock two or three times a week, or more based on usage

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