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Everyone needs a hassle-free way to pick up everyday items. Aisle 24 is a fully automated, cashier-less grocery market for Canadian residential communities, condos, apartments, and campuses. See how it works and register for an account!

How Aisle 24 works:

Download. Get the Aisle 24 mobile app, register an account, and gain access right away

Shop. Use the Aisle 24 app to unlock the door and start browsing.

Scan. Bring the items you want to purchase to the kiosk.

Suggestions welcome! Can’t find something? Make requests via the kiosk for specific dietary requirements or preferences

Pay. Use your mobile wallet, debit or credit.

Why choose us?

Product Variety

Offer wide range of fresh and prepared, food, beverages, confectionery, and personal health products.


Open 24 hours, including public holidays.


Easy navigation through app, with customer support and cashier-less checkout process.

Find a location

Aisle 24 is popping up all across Canada! Come experience one of our locations in person to see our self-serve grocery store in action. Learn how we integrate modern technology with tailored product selection to offer a vital amenity to Canadian residential communities and properties.