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Automation and self-service are reshaping the grocery shopping experience. Aisle 24 franchises offer you the opportunity to harness these powerful trends to deliver an innovative twist on the corner store.

Aisle 24 markets — cashierless grocery stores catering to last-minute essential items — serve the booming Canadian residential property market. We provide master-planned communities, condos, residential complexes, and other shared living communities with a high-value amenity.

Community Markets

Designed for standard commercial real estate, Aisle 24 community grocery markets have grabbed the attention of some of the largest real estate developers in North America.

  • Franchise Fee $35,000
  • Average Total Investment $350,000-$575,000
  • Unencumbered Cash Required $100,000-$150,000

Resident Markets

Created to monetize underutilized space inside residential buildings, Aisle 24 can build a fully functional and secure market in as little as 300 square feet.

  • Franchise Fee $30,000
  • Average Total Investment $175,000-$255,000
  • Unencumbered Cash Required $80,000-$100,000

Exclusive locations

Your Aisle 24 Market will be the residents’ closest and easiest source for a wide range of high-quality food, beverages, confectionary, and personal health products.

Modest time commitment

Achieve a high ROI with a lower amount of labour compared to running a traditional franchise. Designed for self-service, your main responsibility is to regularly restock, clean, reconcile inventory and monitor security.

Reliable technology

Powered by cloud-based account management backend and simple checkout kiosk for product scanning and payment, Aisle 24s Markets have no cash on-site, while you get access to sales analytics to better serve the customer.

What it means to own an Aisle 24 

Aisle 24 is a self-service market, allowing you to focus on providing the right products at the right price. We help design and build your store, provide a full operating manual for reference, and supply all technology hardware and integrated systems — you just provide your business savvy.

6 ways we support you
  1. 1. Site Selection We will help find and evaluate a location with the demographic report and competitive assessment and conduct lease negotiations to ensure a fair deal.
  2. 2. Store Setup We project manage and facilitate all construction and equipment, including shelving, millwork, signage and technology systems.
  3. 3. Training  We offer complete training on all hardware and software, including inventory systems, digital labels and provide operational manuals and guides packed with management tips.
  4. 4. Marketing Our prelaunch, launch and post-launch plans and guides will help you get the word out and increase sales.
  5. 5. Payment, POS & Security  Our cloud-based platform allows you to remotely manage and monitor your store.
  6. 6. Ongoing support In addition to quick responses to your questions via email or phone, you will also have an accounts manager assigned to your franchise to assist making your store a success post-launch.
Payment and POS

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) kiosks replace
the need for cash registers.

  • 1. Residents register for accounts via the Aisle 24 mobile app.
  • 2. At the POS, shoppers scan the UPC labels of the products they are purchasing and complete payment via debit, credit card or mobile payment.
  • 3. You have online access to your store’s POS for accounting, inventory and sales analytics.

You control pricing through digital
labels integrated into the POS.

  • 1. Remotely and dynamically update pricing, without physically printing and visiting the store to replace them.
  • 2. Mark down items for sale as they near Best Before dates or adjust pricing to take advantage of high demand.
  • 3. Update pricing on the fly based on sales velocity, season, demand, and experiment with surge pricing.
Product mix

You control what products are on the shelves.

  • 1. We offer recommendations based on existing locations, but your community’s residents may have unique preferences or even specific dietary requirements.
  • 2. The Aisle 24 Mobile App also includes a feedback tool to send you requests and suggestions.
  • 3. Based on your inventory reports, you generally order products directly with our approved suppliers, which ship straight to your store. Some products, like supplies for the coffee station, come through head office.
  • 4. Aisle 24 franchisees automatically get group buying discounts through special supplier agreements, providing you with more competitive pricing (or better margins) than an independent store.
  • 1.Your Aisle 24 franchise will come with enhanced security and analytic systems.
  • 2. Shoppers can only gain entry to your store with our Aisle 24 Mobile app and an approved account.

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