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Every vibrant community needs hassle-free ways to pick up everyday grocery items. Aisle 24 turns small, underutilized areas of condos, apartments, townhome complexes, and school campuses into high-value amenities indispensable to the busy lives of residents.

You’ll be surprised how we can maximize even minimal
square footage.

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Convenience in a box

Think your common areas in your property are too cramped for a full-service Aisle 24? Use even the smallest empty corners to provide residents with access to last-minute essentials.

Much more than a common vending machine, Aisle 24 Express can dispense almost anything you find in a convenience store — even milk, bread, eggs, and other ready-to-eat meals.

Aisle 24 in Residents Building

Our story

A whole new kind of mom-and-pop store

As the sons of a corner store proprietor, John and Josh Douangprachanh grew up learning what it takes to succeed in local, independent grocery. Their unique perspective enabled them to quickly appreciate how new technology could transform the business.

Today, along with John’s wife Marie, the three co-founders of Aisle 24 Markets bring a unique expertise and personal touch to helping property owners and franchisees embrace the high-growth opportunity of self-service grocery markets and deliver an exceptional shopping experience.